Survival Skills in the Forest

One of the most essential survival skills when in the forest is knowing how to make fire. In addition to having a fire, you should also know how to build a shelter. Among the most common places to build a shelter is a cave. There are other methods, too, such as constructing a tent. However, a survival kit may not be enough in a forest emergency. Therefore, it is best to do some research beforehand on how to make fire.

There are numerous techniques to make a shelter in the forest, and many of these techniques can be learned in a classroom. A group of children at the RAF Kinloss survival school learned how to build a shelter in an emergency. Among other things, the children also learned how to build a fire and a shelter for protection. Monita, who joined the group last year, has become a skilled brachiator and recently built her own nest!

If you plan on going on a camping trip, make sure to pack a survival kit with you. This includes first aid supplies, matches, and water purification tablets. It is also advisable to bring a raincoat and warm clothing. Having cold weather may cause muscle cramps and interfere with your ability to search and find a way out efficiently. Having a survival kit with you will be a huge help in avoiding the risk of getting lost.

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