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How to Spot Fake Diamond Rings That Look Real on Amazon

If you are looking for a wedding ring but aren’t sure how to spot a fake one, you can find one on Amazon for a fraction of the cost. You can buy one with a real-looking diamond setting for less than $1000 and still have the ring look like a real one. Amazon rings are often made with a higher quality of metal, but you should always check the authenticity before buying them.

One of the most popular options on Amazon is a ring with a cushion-cut center stone surrounded by two layers of paved cubic zirconias. These rings look real and sparkling, but won’t turn green or tarnish. Many people prefer this ring over the square-cut alternative because of the lower price. This ring is available on Amazon for less than $25, but it does feel extra special without being overly flashy.

When purchasing diamonds on Amazon, you should examine each one up close. Because of the low-resolution images used by Amazon, it is impossible to inspect each diamond directly. This makes it difficult to know if the diamond is eye-clean, which is vital for a diamond’s appearance. You must be aware of any ring that claims to be eye-clean or VS2, but in reality is a fake.

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