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Fat Transfer After 5 Years – Is it Necessary to Get a Facelift?

Despite the numerous benefits of fat transfer, it can take some time for the results to become apparent. During this time, the transferred fat may begin to lose volume and may develop an unattractive look historyglow. Other complications can include lumpiness, firmness, or asymmetry. There is also the potential for cysts to form at the site of the transfer. Fortunately, new innovations in the field are making it possible for patients to enjoy the benefits of fat transfer without the risks mhtspace.

The best news about facial fat grafting is that the results last for five to 10 years. While some areas may lose their youthful appearance, others may not. Even if your fat transfer has lasted for five years, it might still be necessary to get another procedure. This type of revision surgery is known as a mini-facelift or micro-liposuction. The procedure tightens facial muscles and removes excess facial skin. The result is a more balanced, thinner face interbiography.

The procedure typically takes two to five hours techybio. The patient will be awake for the procedure and will be given a prescription for pain medication. Anesthesia is required. There is a chance of bleeding. Surgical complications are extremely rare. Most people who undergo the procedure recover in just two to three days. However, the cost of this procedure may be higher than other cosmetic procedures. Aside from the risk of infection and possible complication, facial fat transfer requires no recovery time overallnetworth.

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