An Examination Of The Trading Systems In Black Desert Mobile By Redfinger

The hit MMORPG Black Desert Online has been adapted to a mobile version, Black Desert Mobile, and it includes a trading system featuring the market and Shakatu’s shop. In this guide, we will be discussing the mechanics of these two elements as well as how to best operate them.

A Trading Center for Player-to-Player Interactions: The Marketplace

Black Desert Mobile players can find a central hub in the Marketplace, which enables trading between users. It is a platform for purchasing and selling different products and allows adventurers to look for the exact items they require. Now, let us investigate the features and capabilities of the Marketplace:

1. Grouping Objects and Weeding Out:

The process of organizing items into distinct categories and selecting the ones that meet certain criteria.

Adventurers in Black Desert Mobile have a large variety of options to select from in the Marketplace. By using the main categories on the left side of the interface, it is easier to narrow down the search and zero in on the desired item. Be it a main weapon, sub-weapon, armor, or something else, the Marketplace has the capability to filter the search with conditions such as item level and equipment slot, providing a more accurate result that better fits the adventurer’s needs. This system of categorization and filtering of the items makes the trading experience in the Marketplace of Black Desert Mobile incredibly efficient and convenient.

2. Ways of Buying:

The Marketplace offers three distinct ways for adventurers to purchase items: auction with maximum cost, instantaneous buying, and pre-order. Through the auction with maximum cost, individuals can place a bid on items within a certain price range. Immediate purchase provides players with the ability to obtain items immediately at the present lowest cost without having to wait for the auction to close. Lastly, the pre-order option allows gamers to secure items in advance and be notified when they are accessible to buy.

3. Processes for Bidding and Pre-Ordering:

The Marketplace lists items with a specific bidding window in which adventurers can place bids. Players are able to opt for either automatic pre-order or an auction with a maximum price. The former entails randomly picking one adventurer with a pre-order as the winner; while the latter is determined by the highest bidder when the item is available.

4. Terminating and Gathering Bought Items:

When it comes to pre-ordering and getting items, players have access to a few options. If they choose to abandon a pre-order, the system will start a repayment of the Black Pearls they put down. For items that have been bought, collecting them is just a matter of clicking the “Receive Pre-Ordered Items” button. In cases where there are no bids on an item, it is possible to get the item without waiting. This set of features give players more control and ease in managing their pre-orders and purchases.

5. Putting Goods up for Sale on the Marketplace:

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6. Resolving and Taxation:

The process of coming to an agreement and the associated taxation need to be taken into consideration.

When players complete a sale, they can gain access to the Black Pearls by clicking the “Settlement” button in-game. Yet, they must be aware that the Marketplace takes out 3 Black Pearls per item as a tax during the settlement process. It is noteworthy that equipment items can be settled up to 5 times every day, giving players a few chances to get their earned Black Pearls.

A Plentiful Selection from Shakatu’s Store: Offering Numerous Prospects

The distinctive enterprise of the affluent merchant, Shakatu, is situated in the city of Valencia. Adventurers have the opportunity to purchase numerous wares with Ancient Gold Coins at Shakatu’s Shop. Now, let us look into the offerings and amenities of Shakatu’s Shop:

1. Gaining Access to Shakatu’s Store:

In order to get into Shakatu’s Store, players must complete the mission “Subdue: Red Nose”.

2. Exchange of Currency and Commodities:

At Shakatu’s Shop, the main form of currency is Ancient Gold Coins, and these can be earned through a variety of methods like finishing daily quests, investigating Ancient Ruins, or taking part in activities in the Land of Valor. With these Ancient Gold Coins, players can purchase a variety of gear and accessories from the store.

3. Merchandise Offered:

Shakatu’s Shop stocks a selection of 11 goods that may be purchased using Ancient Gold Coins. These items range from primary weapons all the way to accessories like earrings and bracelets. Prices for each product vary depending on the type of equipment it is suited for.

4. Possibilities to Buy:

When players are selecting an equipment slot, they have the option to either purchase one item or buy in bulk with the “Buy 10” option. This provides them access to the “Lucky Arrangement” system, which has certain requirements starting with the selection of the lowest-level equipment. This system rewards players with additional benefits.

5. Taking Care of Historic Gold Coins:

For those with a scanty amount of Ancient Gold Coins, adventurers should primely purchase the least expensive equipment in their inventory. This approach facilitates the best use of their resources while still obtaining the necessary gear. Furthermore, the “Item Auto Arrange” feature can be employed for a more efficient inventory management; it permits the absorption of undesired goods and simplifies the process, which in turn saves time and energy for the adventurers.

6. Obtaining Added Bonuses:

The Lucky Arrangement system gets activated when items are bought in multiples of 10. It is suggested to use the “Buy 10” selection when a plentiful amount of Ancient Gold Coins is available, which will amplify the opportunity of getting extra rewards.

Final Thoughts

Black Desert Mobile trading can be tricky, and to get the most out of the game, one needs to know how to use the different trading systems. Redfinger, an Android emulator, may not directly assist in trading, but it is a great platform to learn tips and other game skills that can be applied when trading.

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